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Apr 05, 2021

Full Easter Service now available

Our tech whiz Kyle has been able to retrieve our wonderful service which was "dropped" several times during live-streaming and it is now available on Youtube, Facebook and out "on-line services" page. Don't miss Rev. Vicki's great talk and fabulous music by Ken, Laurel, Nico, Thomas and Michael

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Mar 27, 2021


Our members recommend some of their favourite spiritual books - metaphysical classics as well as cutting edge; we love them all

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Mar 25, 2021


A Summary of SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) classes offered both for personal growth and for Unity accreditation

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Mar 25, 2021

Want to Save Old Growth:

Our Unitarian friends have created a very concise and thorough invitation to help save old-growth forests in BC. Please share the following with members of your faith community.

Our Unitarian friends in the Nanaimo Green Faith Circle have created an excellent Old Growth Campaign to protect the remainder of old growth forests in BC and to support the action at the Headwaters of Fairy Creek (one of the last good stands of Old Growth on the island.). Use their sample letter or write your own Get the full background. Letters by post are more powerful. Add your voice to protect the forests!

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Mar 25, 2021


Want to learn a lot in a hurry? A week long session of up to 4 classes a day is now offered online by Canadian teachers. Classes qualify for credit toward Licensed Unity Teacher or Ministerial training. OR you can audit for your own personal growth. GET IMMERSED!!

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Mar 22, 2021

Nanaimo Unity Church - Online Services

Nanaimo Unity Church offers online Sunday services, recorded talks, meditations and prayers.

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Mar 20, 2021

Unity New Thought Spiritual Centre - Nanaimo

Unity Nanaimo is an inclusive, new thought spiritual education centre providing tools, resources and inspriation to support you on your spiritual path.

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Mar 16, 2021

Nanaimo Greenfaith Circle

Nanaimo Greenfaith Circle is a fledging Interfaith Action team comprised of members from Unity & Anglican churches, Buddhism, Quaker Unitarian & Unity. Join us

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Mar 10, 2021

Unity Hits the airwaves

Huge thanks to Brian Hazelbower and CHLY radio for the broadcast of local Spiritual Music on "Harbour City Beat last night" and for so many mentions of Unity, letting people know that we have a great teaching and great music. Thank you Brian and the Heal Your Life Spirit Group.

Mar 09, 2021

How To Support Unity Nanaimo

There are many ways to support Unity Nanaimo. Our spiritual community is thriving because of the generosity of poeple like you.

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Mar 09, 2021

What is Meditation?

At Unity, we teach meditation as a tool for spiritual growth and connection

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Mar 08, 2021

Spirit Groups

In order to build long-lasting connections and community outreach, Unity is pleased to offer this program of small groups

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Feb 21, 2021

Green Faith Day of Action

Nanaimo Green Faith Circle are sponsoring a Global Day of Action in which I and several of our members are participating. Our event is a gifting of native trees for planting to the City in appreciation of the excellent steps they have already taken toward reforestation and encouragement to continue. On Thursday March 11 you can pick up a pre-purchased tree Maffeo Sutton Park between 11:00 and 1:00 and place it on the steps of the Lions Pavilion. It will later be delivered to the city works yard to be planted at a later date.

Order your tree(s) ($9.50) here

HINT: You might want to make a label to hand on your tree with a positive message - a great way to involve the kids

Feb 19, 2021

Affirmative prayer

Imagine being as sure that the answer to your prayer will be delivered just as surely as your dinner order in a restaurant

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Feb 19, 2021

Unity's -5-basic-principles

These 5 basic principles contain the essence of Unity's life-enhancing teachings

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